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Services provided by Alphacomm

Optic transmittion equiments:  Alphacomm is professional in reseaching, appling optic transmittion in televion field. Provide equiments, contruct TV transmittion system via optic cable of firms: Telecast (USA), Maiwei (Taiwan), Focal (France). In 2002, 2003 Alphacomm installed TV transmittion system via optic cable for Television and Broadcast of Hai Phong and Quang Ninh, in 2004 Alphacomm provided and installed TV transmittion.

Micro wave transmittion equiments: Alphacomm is provider of TV Micro wave transmittion equiments with effect cost. Equiments provided by Alphacomm are variety in type with famous trade mark: ABE Electronica (Italia), COHERENT Communications (USA). Miacro wave transmittion products provided and installed in Thai Nguyen, Quang Ninh, Lang Son …

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