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Overview obout Alpha

-          Alpha communications Company,. LTD, abbreviate ALPHACOMM established in 1993, has license to produce and business, provide electronics and telecommunication equiments, FM transmitter – TV transmitter, has special license of Ministry of information and communications permit provide TV programs and TV receiver via satellite.

-          Alpha is the first Company in Vietnam consultant, explorer, design, provide ans install receiving and transmiting equiments for Television Broadcast, maintain, repare television broadcat station with mini and medium power, the equiments for receving the TV via satellite, DVBT, DVBC, otical and Viba tramsmit systems. Provide international and domestic TV programs.

-          Especial the product TV color multi-channel Transmitter produce by Alpha abtained the Gold Medal in creative contest the electronics products, communications and information by the Radio-Electronics association of Vietnam.

-          With many years experience, hight level technical officers, equiments provide by Alphacomm and install have hight quality, stability operation, effect cost, permanent and promt warranty.